Monday, 16 May 2011

Make like a tree and...

I've had a very busy and fun few days fattening up the handmade supplies section of my shop.

I figured out how to make crochet leaves:

They only really came together nicely when I found a tutorial by fellow crafty blogger Easy Makes Me Happy. She shows how to make a nice vein of slip stitches going down the centre of a leaf. It was just the finishing touch I was after! Mine are bigger and all in teal green but I LOVE her dinky colourful ones too. See what she used them for:

Now that's my idea of home decor! I also made some stars. If you can make flowers and leaves you can probably figure out how to make these:

Ok then if you must know - make a circle with 10 st, 2 into every st to make 20, and slip st. To make one star point, chain 6 and turn, 1 single cr into 2nd st from chain end, 1 double cr, 2 triple cr, and slip st into the 4th st after chain base. Repeat another 4 times around the circle, sew the tail through to the back, and tweak the points to make them lie flat and pointy.

I also made some more flowers, in lilac shades this time (I included a tutorial video about how to make flowers in my previous post). I wanted to make some yellow ones too, but I ran out of yellow while doing the stars! :(

Here are those useful links again for you:

Easy Makes Me Happy - a blog with some lovely crochet patterns.

Weird Wares - my Etsy shop, where I sell all sorts of fun fiber things. Although I love sharing craft tips, I'm hoping you can't be bothered and will buy them from me instead!



  1. Looks great ! Thank you <3

    (Now I just have to find out how to read patterns ^^; )

  2. Those leaves are so beautiful!

    I have to say, though, the first pic reminds me of sperm attacking an egg. *sigh* I spend waaaay too much time on Regretsy. :P