Thursday, 5 May 2011

April's Army Awesomeness!

I am proud to run a shop that shares Etsy's philosophy - that handmade things made by individual artisans are more desirable than mass-produced wares. But with Etsy's growing popularity, as with any marketplace, sometimes it's hard to find the diamonds in the rough. You need to go rummaging! One of my missions in writing this blog is not only to promote my own shop but to spread the lurve and big up my fellow Etsians whom I think are real gems. 
For today's feature I'd like to show you the sheer awesomeness of one of my Etsy teams, 'April's Army'. I have chosen some of my favourite finds from makers of handmade supplies. Commercially produced supplies are also available on Etsy, but why would you buy them when there are wonders like these?

Lorraine from studiorickrack makes stunning glass beads in her lampworking studio. This immaculate hollow focal bead made my jaw drop!

Laura from RockefellerJewellery says she is 'a bead nut', and as well as lovely beaded jewellery she is also a dab-hand with the polymer clay and glaze. This aztec-style stamped pendant looks just like ceramic! 

LandL are a family team who make a variety of wares from recycled books and paper. These beads are made from scrapbook paper, rolled by hand and glazed to look like smooth pebbles.

 One of the pleasures of being an Etsy team member is that we enjoy showcasing each other's work using the treasury list feature. Take a look at this treasury list I recently made, which includes the items I have featured today, and more mind-bogglingly awesome things, all handmade by members of the April's Army team.

Here are those links for you again:

My 'April Awesomeness' treasury list 
studiorickrack's lampwork beads
RockefellerJewellery's polyclay beads 
LandL's rolled paper beads 

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  1. I totally agree with you and these are wonderful finds!